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When buying a longboard you have to decide between a board with a graphic on it, or a blank one. A longboard can show your personality, so how about one that’s blank and you can really show off who you are! Finding the best look that suits you is not always easy. You have thousands of options, pick your favorite one.
The perfect longboards for any type of skater! A series of longboards ideal for those taking their first step into this world of adventure or for the experienced rider looking for tried and true performance.
This is a longboard series characterized by feelings and connections with nature. It is a series that will allow you to choose the longboard that best suits your lifestyle and essence. Not only is it full of spectacular designs, but you can also find them in different shapes.

Longboarding is allowed on many of the best bike trails in the United States, most of which have a smooth asphalt surface, while others may have to be shared with road traffic. Some of the best trails serve as links between nearby cities, and one trail takes longboarders across a state border on a high mountain pass.
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For those who love to ride and see new places on their Longboard, taking care of the environment is also important. Well, now you can do both thanks to Beercan boards. Let us tell you more!Beercan Boards' vision is to bring about a revolution in the skateboarding industry.

If you're looking for the perfect wheels for tough road racing, Shark Wheels are the answer. They come with the exact balance of hardness suitable for riding on rough terrain, cobblestone streets, rocky hills, and bumpy roads.
Dancing on a board? That's exactly what Longboard Dancing is. Basically, it's when you walk on top of the deck, and with your own weight you make the board dance from one side to the other; you can also add some tricks and movements that will make it even more interesting.
If you are just starting in the world of skating and you still don't know much about the boards that exist in this sport, you may be wondering what are the differences between a Longboard and a Skateboard? Well, both are completely different.

Longboarding, is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. And what better than to go out and ride on the roads feeling the wild spirit of the animals? Get ready to meet a series of boards that will bring a mystical vibe to your favorite longboard. The animal spirit guides those who skate with an old soul and love nature.
Before making the decision to get on a longboard, it is important that you know its parts because learning about its functionality will be fundamental for your performance. When you start practicing longboarding, you should be aware not only of the tricks but also of its parts.
If you are starting in the world of skateboarding or longboarding, the first thing you should know is if you are goofy or regular, that is if at the time of getting on the board, you will do it with the right or left foot forward and with which foot you will propel yourself.

Longboarding is a very fun activity and full of many things to discover, but if you are looking for a very versatile board for your passion, here we will show you the ideal one for you to have double the excitement every time you go out to ride.
As its name suggests, freestyle means style freedom, therefore a freestyle longboard is not a specific type but rather versatile as it should allow you to freely do any type of longboard, such as freeride, downhill, cruising, or dance.
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