Why are Shark Wheels Ideal for your Longboard?

Why are Shark Wheels Ideal for your Longboard?

For all of us who have a passion, the most important thing is to have the best instrument to put it into practice. In the case of Longboard lovers, having the best board is an essential aspect. But in some cases, the most important are the details to which perhaps we do not pay the most attention; yes, we are talking about the wheels.

The longboard wheels are a very important component to be able to skate a particular style and directly affect the Longboard. They also help distribute the rider's weight across the entire contact surface and affect factors such as speed, grip, or acceleration.

However, there are different types of wheels for different skating styles. In this blog, we will talk about Shark Wheels, which have a peculiar 'S' shape that brings 3 main advantages:

  • They spin faster and therefore give more speed.
  • They allow very smooth riding on almost any terrain.
  • They have a better grip than most wheels.

If you're looking for the perfect wheels for tough road racing, Shark Wheels are the answer. They come with the exact balance of hardness suitable for riding on rough terrain, cobblestone streets, rocky hills, and bumpy roads. The DNA formula wheels have a softer core which is ideal for better grip on rough streets. Meanwhile, the outer appearance of the wheels looks wavy. This is actually an advantage, as this texture improves traction and stabilizes the ride when taking a U-turn.

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Another reason why riders love these wheels is that their large diameter helps provide a stable ride in critical moments of sharp turns. Additionally, the wheels give impressive resistance when riding on wet surfaces. Therefore, slippage will no longer be a worry. It doesn't matter if the road is rocky or rough; your longboard will always feel stable and fast. Durability is another good reason for you to choose Shark Wheels, as the design allows you to ride at maximum speed without vibrations and jumps.

Its unique, attractive, and stylish design will give you more confidence while running downhill with your board. Shark Wheels are distinguished by their durability and smoothness of riding. There is no unnecessary hassle because the design provides a comfortable bearing configuration. You can select your favorite color from a variety of options. Besides, the size is enough for big boards, meaning that it not only has variations of styles but also a convenience for steep surfing.

Now that you know the benefits you can get by having Shark Wheels, what are you waiting for? On our Longboards USA site, we have several color and size options for you to customize your board and get the best out of it.

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