Aluminum Longboards

The Aluminum longboards like the Beercan Board is the All-American, Revolutionary Longboard. It is more durable. which gives you more control over concrete. All Beercan Boards come equipped with adjustable truck mounting giving your more control over your board. It was created with environmental friendliness in mind, made out of recycled aluminum with recycled plastic accessories. The Aluminati boards are made in the U.S.A out of high-grade recycled aluminum! 

All these boards are very sturdy as well as stiffer and can last you a lifetime. Unlike wooden boards, these aluminum boards won't break that quickly and can withstand some abuse. 
They are very light and easy to take with you. The aluminum is corrosion resistant so if it gets a bit wet you will continue to be fine.

Are Aluminum boards good to ride on?

Aluminum longboards are great to ride. They are nearly indestructible, so you will enjoy your board for a long time. They are pretty stiff boards, so great for high speed and freeride. They are very sturdy and many have a weight limit of lb 200+, way beyond the normal wood decks.

Are Aluminum longboards durable?

You bet!! They are nearly indestructible. They don't care about a little water/rain and when you bump into something they won't crack quickly like wooden boards. Made of high-grade eco-friendly aluminum they will last a life time.

Which brands make aluminum Longboards?

Beercan Boards produces a lot of different boards and board shapes in bright colors out of eco-friendly recycled aluminum. Aluminati Boards are made out of high-grade recycled aluminum. Punked has some great Gold and Silver Aluminum boards too.