Blind Skateboards

Blind Skateboards

Blind is a skateboard company founded by Mark Gonzales in 1988 under Steve Rocco's World Industries' distribution company, now owned by Dwindle Distributions. The company produces decks, wheels, soft goods, and accessories. They produce well-loved and heavily used skateboards with rad graphics.

Blind Skateboards is an electrifying and groundbreaking skateboard company that has been igniting the passion of skateboarders worldwide. The brand is based in El Segundo, California, and has remained at the forefront of skateboarding innovation, pushing boundaries with its cutting-edge technology, captivating graphics, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Driven by a love for skateboarding and a desire to empower riders, Blind Skateboards offers a wide range of exhilarating products, including skateboard decks, complete skateboards, wheels, apparel, and accessories. Their advanced board construction technologies, such as Impact Light, Resin-7, and Resin Hybrid, deliver lightweight yet durable skateboards that cater to the needs of passionate riders.

Blind Skateboards is also known for assembling a team of high-energy and immensely talented skateboarders, including icons like TJ Rogers, Cody McEntire, and Micky Papa. Their jaw-dropping skate videos and inspiring feats never fail to motivate skateboarders to push their limits and embrace the exhilarating world of skateboarding.

With a vibrant and enthusiastic spirit at its core, Blind Skateboards continues to champion the skateboarding community, fostering growth, creativity, and a shared love for the sport. The brand's dedication to skateboarding and its fans is a testament to its lasting impact on the industry and skateboarding culture.

Are Blind Skateboards perfect for passionate skateboarders who love to have fun?

Absolutely! Blind Skateboards is an iconic brand known for its innovative technology, eye-catching graphics, and top-notch quality, making them a fantastic choice for skateboarders who want to have a blast while riding.

How do Blind Skateboards help me showcase my zest for skateboarding?

Blind Skateboards are designed with bold graphics and vibrant colors that reflect the enthusiasm and energy of the skateboarding community. With a Blind skateboard under your feet, you'll stand out and make a statement as you express your love for the sport