Drop Through Longboards

Drop Through Longboard

A drop-through longboard has a cutout in the deck, allowing the base plates of the trucks to be mounted through the deck. This puts the longboard deck closer to the ground and the lowered platform allows for greater stability at high speeds. Great for freeride and all round longboarders. Looking for a cheap drop-through longboard deck or a slightly higher-priced complete you will find it. The drop though longboard is one of the types of boards that have seen a growing interest over the last couple of years and are among the most popular longboards around. Many drop-through longboards are used as freeride longboards. If you spell it like drop thru longboard or drop through longboard doesn't matter to us, just check them out and pick your favorite.

Are Drop Through Longboards good for Beginners?

Drop through longboards are great options for a beginners. The lowered deck places your center of gravity closer to the ground, so it provides a more stable ride. Which is great for people who start skateboarding longboarding. It's a very versatile board that's great for cruising and freeride. So great to start to learn how to skateboard and have lots of fun

What's the difference between a Drop Down Longboard and Drop Through Longboard?

On a Drop Down Longboard the deck is lower un the middle. So Drop Down is an indication of the deck shape. Drop Through indicated that the trucks are mounted THROUGH the deck (so the deck has a hole in the place the truck are connected). Drop Through is about truck mounting not about the shape of the deck. A Drop Down Board can also be a drop through board (aka Double Drop Longboard), so the deck is lower in the middle and the trucks are connected through the deck.

What is the advantage of a drop-through longboard?

The advantage of a drop-through longboard is its stability and control, which makes it easier to ride and more suitable for downhill riding, cruising, and commuting. The lowered deck also reduces the risk of wheel bite, which occurs when the wheels come into contact with the deck while turning.

Are drop-through longboards suitable for beginners?

Drop-through longboards can be suitable for beginners, especially those who are interested in cruising, commuting, and downhill riding. The design provides greater stability and control, making it easier to learn and master basic riding techniques.

Can you perform tricks on a drop-through longboard?

While drop-through longboards are not designed for performing tricks, they can still be. However do also consider other shapes it you are into performing tricks.