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Longboarding & Skateboarding are great and fun sports.
Having the right equipment will help you enjoy them a lot. Here at Longboards USA we try to provide all the gear you need. Whether you are looking for boards, completes or parts - we have it.
Just starting on a board or years of experience - checkout the longboard skateboard online store.

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About the Longboards USA Web Shop

We started with a couple of boards out of our garage in California. Now we carry 1000+ boards and ship from several locations in the US - including our garage:-) Our skate shop is online only. We sell Longboards, Skateboards, Longboard Wheels, Longboard Trucks and other skateboard longboard accessories. We also have Skateboard Wall Art so you can decorate your room, office with awesome looking skateboards, which you can even personalize. Check it out!!