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Longboarding & Skateboarding are great and fun sports.
Having the right equipment will help you enjoy them a lot. Here at Longboards USA we try to provide all the gear you need. Whether you are looking for boards, completes or parts - we have it.
Just starting on a board or years of experience - checkout the longboard skateboard online store.

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About the Longboards USA Web Skate Shop

What began as a humble venture in our California garage has now grown into an extensive collection of over 1000 skateboards and longboards, distributed from multiple locations across the US, including our original garage! Our skate shop operates exclusively online. We offer high-quality Longboards, Skateboards, Longboard Wheels, Longboard Trucks, and various other longboard and skateboard accessories. For all experience levels, from starters to the pro. If you're unsure about which board shape to choose, take a look at our longboard skateboard shape guide. Additionally, our skateboard shop features Skateboard Wall Art to help you personalize and adorn your space with stunning skateboard designs. Stop wondering "where to buy a longboard", or searching for "skateboards near me" and explore our amazing selection of over 1000 longboard skateboards in our skateboarding shop!

We ship quickly so you can start skateboarding and longboarding in no time, you will just love and enjoy it! Get on your board and have fun.

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