Ocean Pacific Longboards

Ocean Pacific

Ocean Pacific is a lifestyle brand that produces high-quality complete skateboards, longboards, and surf/stand-up paddleboards. In 1972, founder Jim Jenks created an apparel line in order to meet the demands of surfers in and out of the water, and the brand quickly became the definitive name in the surf culture and the definitive style at the beach.

Ocean Pacific is one of the largest brands of its kind in the world, serving men and women of all ages. They remain true to their original mission: creating quality active-lifestyle products with genuine value, authenticity, and style.

One of the original "action sports" companies and creator of the "West Coast lifestyle," Ocean Pacific was the first brand uniting the entire youth culture by connecting surfing with music, skateboarding, motocross, BMX, and snowboarding.

For 50 years OP continues to excite and inspire a lifestyle for millions of loyal, like-minded people across the globe. 

What is Ocean Pacific (OP) as a brand?

Ocean Pacific, also known as OP, is a California-based surf and lifestyle brand that has been in business since the 1970s. The company offers a variety of products, including clothing, accessories, and longboards designed for those with a passion for surfing, skateboarding, and the beach lifestyle.

How much do Ocean Pacific longboards cost?

The price of an Ocean Pacific longboard varies depending on factors such as materials, size, and design. Generally, their longboards are competitively priced, ranging from around $80 to $250.