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Longboards for Beginners

longboard for beginners

Never used a longboard? Don't worry. With these beginner longboards, you can do it!
Many of these longboards for beginners have a wide and stable deck and a long wheelbase for better control so they are perfect for cruising and carving. You will see how easy it is to start longboarding! For some guidance on how to pick a beginner's longboard see the how to choose a longboard

A beginner's long board or long skateboard can be found in all shapes and for all styles. A longboard for beginners is just as good as any other board but a bit more forgiving so your first impression will be great and so much fun. Check them out or contact us with questions about longboarding for beginners.

FAQ Beginners Longboards

Which Longboard Shape is good for beginners

Beginners can start on several shape longboards. Popular shapes for beginners are the pintail longboards, kicktail longboards and drop down longboards.

How much does a beginners longboard cost?

The cost really depends on the type and quality of the board. A good beginners longboard cost between $65 and $100. A better board $100-$200. If you are a beginner pick something you are comfortable with price wise, try out if you like longboarding.

Are drop through longboards good for beginners?

Drop Through board are great for beginners, as these are stable rides. As the deck is lower to the ground your center of gravity is lower, which makes you less prone to slight weight changes, or small bump, ergo giving you more stability.