Blank Longboard Decks

Shop a large selection of blank longboard decks right here. You can get them in different sizes, shapes and material and thickness. The most common blank longboard decks are maple. Usually it is made from good quality hard rock maple.
Several blank longboard decks are made right here in the USA. Others overseas. But all of them has a guaranteed good quality. The blanks are usually between 7-9 ply.

The nice think about a blank board is that you can decorate it as you want it. You can use paint, spray paint or markers to draw your own design on it and you will have a very special one of a kind board. If you have trouble with drawing or painting, you can use stickers to decorate it too. It will still be your own special board. Nobody else will have the same.
br/> Blank longboard decks made out of bamboo are more flexible than the maple version. You can choose your own wheels and trucks separate or later. If you change your mind and want a blank longboard complete you can do this too of course.