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Longboard Decks Only

Longboard Decks only
Hey there! Want to ride a longboard that's customized just for you? Then you need a longboard deck! A longboard deck is basically a longer version of a skateboard deck, but without the trucks and wheels. To create your dream longboard, you can choose the longboard trucks and wheels that feel most comfortable for you. This means you can customize the board to fit your specific needs and preferences. Plus, the longboard deck can even be used as a decoration piece when not in use.

If you're feeling adventurous and want to build your own board, pick out the parts you need from other sections of the store. Just keep in mind that some self-assembly is required. Don't worry though, the longboard buyers guide is here to help you choose the right parts. Looking for a great deal? Check out which longboard decks are on sale or have reduced prices. You can choose from symmetrical or non-symmetrical decks, top-mount or drop-through decks, and even blank or graphical decks. With so many options, you're sure to find your perfect match.

So what are you waiting for get your longboard deck now and start building your dream board!

FAQ Longboard Decks

What is the best Deck for a longboard?

There are many great decks you can use to build/assemble your Longboard. First determine how you are going to use your board (eg. cruising, downhill, freeride). Second determine if the shape of the board that fits how you are going to use it, and think about length of the deck based on your your body length and usage. Third determine if you want a blank deck or something with an epic graphic on it. Followed by how much you want to invest. There are so many great combinations that you can fully personalize what type of board you are going to ride!

What is the best length of a Longboard Deck?

Longboards in general start around 35 inches or so up to 60 inches and even more. Determine how you are going to use your longboard deck. (eg. cruising/carving general 39" +, downhill 35-43", freeride 37-43", dancing 44-60"). There is no fixed length per activity, it also depends a bit on how tall you are and how much experience you already have.