Land Paddles - Big Sticks

Land paddling is a popular technique used in longboarding that involves the use of a long pole to push and propel yourself forward. It's a fun and unique way to cruise and explore your surroundings, while also getting a good workout. Land paddling is suitable for riders of all skill levels and can be done on various terrains. However, it's essential to practice proper techniques and wear protective gear to minimize the risk of injury.

Can any longboard be used for land paddling?

Yes, any longboard can be used for land paddling. However, longer boards are generally preferred as they provide more stability and room to maneuver the paddle.

What are the benefits of land paddling?

Land paddling is a fun and unique way to cruise and explore your surroundings while getting a good workout. It also helps improve balance, coordination, and core strength.

How do I use a land paddle?

To use a land paddle, place the paddle on the ground and hold it with both hands, then push and propel yourself forward using the paddle. The paddle can also be used to brake or slow down by dragging it behind you.

Can land paddling be done on any terrain?

Land paddling can be done on various terrains, including flat roads, bike paths, and parks. However, it's important to be mindful of your surroundings and practice caution when riding on uneven or bumpy surfaces.