Riviera Skateboards

Riviera Longboards
Riviera was born from the idea that there are no rules when you pick up a skateboard. No matter the shape, length, wheelbase, graphic or genre of ride you seek, it’s all JUST SKATEBOARDING. Whether you’re bombing hills, sliding through turns, carving the park, pushing through a grind in a tight corner or just kickin’ down the street to pick up a few road sodas…

Riviera has you covered.

Riviera takes pride in their surfing and street skating roots.  That nostalgic spark that we’re always chasing seems to keep flickering when we’re rolling. Life’s A Trip, and whichever path you’re on, hopefully you’ve found the perfect line to draw. They make skateboards for Future Classic Sessions!

Are Riviera Skateboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, Riviera Skateboards are suitable for beginners, as they provide stable and easy-to-ride options with features like wider decks, softer wheels, and adjustable trucks for improved control and balance.

Are Riviera Skateboard trucks adjustable?

Yes, Riviera Skateboard trucks are adjustable, allowing riders to customize the turning responsiveness by tightening or loosening the trucks based on their preferences and skill level.