Almost Skateboards

Almost Skateboards

Almost Skateboards is an American skateboard company based in El Segunda, California. It was founded by professional skateboarders and business partners Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song in 2003. The company manufactures skateboard decks using 7-ply, 8-ply, and carbon fiber constructions, they are great to ride.

What types of skateboards does Almost offer?

Almost offers a range of skateboard decks designed for various skate styles, such as street, park, and vert. They also provide complete skateboards that come pre-assembled with trucks, wheels, bearings, and grip tape.

Are Almost skateboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, Almost offers skateboards suitable for beginners. Look for their beginner-friendly options that often feature softer wheels for easier turning and more forgiving decks.