Graphic Skateboards

Graphic skateboards are a popular choice among skaters for their visually appealing designs and personal expression. These boards feature unique artwork, patterns, or brand logos on the deck, setting them apart from blank skateboards. Suitable for all skill levels, graphic skateboards offer the same performance and functionality as blank boards, with the primary difference being aesthetics. Graphics are typically applied using screen printing or heat transfer methods, resulting in vibrant and durable images. While these boards can be slightly more expensive due to artwork and printing costs, they remain a favorite option for skaters seeking individuality and style on their ride.

How are graphics applied to skateboards?

There are several techniques, for putting a graphic on a board.
Heat transfer is a widely accepted and preferred method in the skateboard industry for applying custom graphics to skateboards. Essentially, the heat transfer technique entails printing images or designs using screen printing or digital printing methods onto thin sheets of plastic. These sheets, also known as transfers, carry the ink that will be transferred to the skateboard deck.
Screen printing a graphic on a skateboard steps are, prepare the deck, create a design, and make a screen for each color layer. Set up the workspace, align the screen over the deck, apply ink using a squeegee, and remove the screen. Dry and cure the ink, apply a clear coat, and reassemble the skateboard. This process requires practice to perfect the technique.

What is a graphic skateboard?

A graphic skateboard is a skateboard that features artwork, designs, or logos printed on the deck. These graphics can range from simple patterns or brand logos to intricate illustrations or collaborations with artists. Graphic skateboards are popular for their visual appeal and personal expression.

Will the graphics on my skateboard wear off over time?

Skateboard graphics may show signs of wear and tear over time due to friction from skateboarding activities, such as grinding and sliding. To extend the life of your skateboard graphics, apply a clear protective coating, avoid excessive dragging, and use skateboard rails or guards.