Grizzly Skateboards

Grizzly Skateboards and Grizzly Grip Tape for Skateboards are based in the Los Angeles, California area.  They are one of the leading manufactures of grip tape. Torey Pudwill is the owner of Grizzly Griptape, which is distributed through Diamond Supply Company as of August 2012. He started the brand as a teenager, using a baking mold as the original inspiration for the logo design. As of March 2013, the company also manufactures apparel and accessories.

What types of skateboarding disciplines are Grizzly Skateboards suitable for?

Grizzly Skateboards offers a range of skateboards suitable for various skateboarding disciplines, including street, park, vert, and cruising. Their versatile designs cater to the needs of different riders and skateboarding styles.

How do Grizzly Skateboards perform in street skateboarding?

Grizzly Skateboards are designed with street skateboarding in mind, featuring lightweight construction and pop-enhancing designs. Their boards provide the responsiveness and control needed for flip tricks, grinds, and slides on various street obstacles.