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Combo kits for Longboards Skateboards

Combo kits are an essential way to kickstart your skating experience. Whether it's skateboards or longboards, We offer various combo kits that'll help you get the best bang for your buck!

Whether you’re replacing parts or building a brand-new Skateboard from components, we have a variety of options. From a full starter kit with all you need or some parts you want to replace or begin with, we got you covered.

Parts you need to make a longboard or skateboard deck complete are of course the longboard or skateboard deck itself, wheels, trucks, bearings, risers, hardware and griptape. As long as you have these components, you can assemble it and you will be ready to ride your longboard or skateboard in no time.

What's included in a combo kit?

A Skateboard / Longboard Combo Kit contains everything to make your deck into a complete board. (Trucks, Hardware, Wheels, Bearings) Optional it might include Grip tape and Raisers.