Quest Boards

Quest Longboards

Quest's mission with Quest Boards is to help you add excitement and find adventure regardless of where life is taking you. Their boards are anything but normal and include classic longboards, “do it all” cruisers, old school Banana boards, and even open-wheel downhill bombers, you name it and they build it. Style, quality, and attitude are the common denominators for their line-up. Great graphics, beautiful natural Artisan wood finishes, and even new composite materials complete the picture. Transportation, recreation, and Thrill-seeking are all possible as you embark on your own quest. 

Are Quest Boards suitable for beginners?

Yes, Quest Boards are suitable for beginners as they provide stable and easy-to-ride options, with features like wider decks, softer wheels, and adjustable trucks for improved control and balance.

Are quest boards easy to ride?

Yes, Quest Boards are generally easy to ride, making them a suitable choice for beginners as well as experienced riders. Their wider decks provide stability, while the adjustable trucks enable customized turning responsiveness. Additionally, the soft wheels with a durometer of around 78A to 80A ensure a smooth ride and good grip on various surfaces. Overall, these features make Quest Boards user-friendly and easy to ride for riders of all skill levels.