Ride the Mystical Nature Vibes with Punked Spirit Animals Longboard Series

Ride the Mystical Nature Vibes with the Punked Spirit Animals Longboard Series

Longboarding, is more than a sport, it is an exciting lifestyle! And what better than to go out and ride on the roads feeling the spirit of wild animals? Get ready to meet a series of boards that will bring a mystical vibe to your favorite longboard skateboard. The animal spirit guides those who skate with an old soul and love nature. If you enjoy the freedom of being able to cruise as you wish, this series is calling you!

This is an exciting and unique series characterized by wild designs full of animal life that will blow you away! Discover the amazing designs inspired by these three mystical animals: 

• The Spirit Lion is for those who are aggressive skateboarders. Bombing down hills at high altitudes and constantly looking for new limits to push and overcome. Embrace your destiny as a lion as you continue your hunt for constant progression and breaking through new challenges.
spirit lion longboard

• The Spirit Wolf symbolizes the mentality of the pack skater. Those who ride in a crew, skate clean lines, and are persistent in overcoming new spots; the spirit wolf is calling to be a part of you. Embrace your inner wolf and howl with its spirit as you ride your board.
spirit wolf longboard

• The Spirit Owl guides those who skate with an old soul. If you enjoy the freedom of being able to ride at your own pace whether it's day or night, you can find these people spending their free time on their boards. Enjoy your ride, cruise freely and fly with your spirit owl.
spirit owl longboard

What stands out the most in this series are the mystical designs and colors identified with wild nature. Besides, you can find these boards in different sizes, shapes (from pintail longboard, drop through longboard, dropdown longboard, till lowrider and even old school shaped longboards), and even colors. In addition, there is also the deck so you can build the board you want, you can choose the longboard trucks, the and the board accessories to build the longboard of your dreams!

As well as the Punked Spirit Animals series, on our Longboards USA skate shop website, you can find different series and brands that will surely suit your preferences and what you are looking for to become an expert longboarder! Don't think twice and connect with the wildest of nature. Roll and have fun while riding a unique and cool longboard!

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