Hardware and Risers for Longboards

Hardware a.k.a. nuts and bolts are the parts you need to make your longboard and skateboard complete and connect all the parts. These are the bolt that connects your trucks to your board. Based on the thickness of the boards and if you use/do not use any risers, you can select the right length of the bolts. see also What is the right riser pad?

We have different thicknesses of risers/shock pads and different sizes of Phillips nuts and bolts.

What is longboard hardware?

Longboard hardware refers to the screws, nuts, and bolts used to attach the trucks to the deck.

Why is longboard hardware important?

Longboard hardware is important because it ensures that the trucks are securely attached to the deck, providing stability and control while riding.

What are riser pads?

Riser pads are small plastic or rubber pads that are placed between the deck and the trucks. They provide extra cushioning and help to reduce stress on the deck and trucks, as well as increasing the height of the board.

Why would I need riser pads on my longboard?

You may need riser pads on your longboard if you want to prevent or minimize wheel bite, which occurs when the wheels come into contact with the deck while turning. Riser pads also help to absorb shocks and vibrations, making for a smoother ride.

How often should I check and tighten my longboard hardware?

It's a good idea to check your longboard hardware periodically to ensure that it is tight and secure. Depending on how often you ride, you may need to tighten the hardware every few weeks or so. If you notice any looseness or rattling in the trucks, tighten the hardware immediately to prevent accidents. You can use a Skate tool to tighten your hardware.