Shapes of the Earth Longboard Series

Get to know the Incredible Shapes of the Earth Longboard Series

This is a longboard series characterized by feelings and connections with nature. It is a series that will allow you to choose the longboard that best suits your lifestyle and essence. Not only is it full of spectacular designs, but you can also find them in different shapes. In this case, we will talk about the 4 shapes available in the Earth series: the Pintail, the Kicktail, the Drop Through, and the Drop-down.

The Pintail is the original longboard shape. The shape owes its design to the origins of longboard surfing. It is ideal for carves, just like a short surfboard, without the fins, of course. The Pintail teardrop-shaped deck is the most suitable for beginners. Its shape prevents the wheel from coming into contact with the board while providing ample room for the feet. Pintails are also excellent for the campus.

The Kicktail is similar to the Pintail shape, but the kicktail shape has some different features that allow the deck to give more utility to the rider. It features a low concave and a kicktail to give riders more control when riding.

Drop Through longboards have cutouts at the ends of the board (nose and tail). The trucks pass through these cutouts, mounting on top of the board. This configuration puts the rider closer to the pavement than a board that rides on top of the trucks. However, there is no downward curve in the shape of the deck as there is with the drop.

The Drop-down shape uses a downward curve between the trucks to lower the rider's platform. However, unlike Drop-through longboards, a Drop-down has a top-mounted truck design. This combination of features makes our drop-down shapes equally suitable for downhill and freeride longboarding.

Now that you know the shapes and different functions of this longboard series, all you need to do is pick your favorite and start cruising. Best of all, we also want you to connect with nature and feel its spirit while skating. What are you waiting for? Get one Now!


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