Chocolate Skateboards

Chocolate Skateboards

Chocolate was founded in 1994 in Torrance, California, and is part of the Girl Skateboards Family.  Chocolate's main products are skateboard decks and wheels, and they also offer clothing and accessories. They have a full team of professional skateboards that provide input to the product division and represent the brand during all kinds of activities.

Are Chocolate Skateboards sweeter than other skateboards on the market?

Well, they might not taste any sweeter, but Chocolate Skateboards definitely bring a sweet touch of style and performance to your skateboarding experience with their unique graphics and high-quality decks.

Will I gain weight from riding a Chocolate skateboard?

No way! In fact, skateboarding is a great form of exercise, so riding a Chocolate skateboard might actually help you burn calories and stay in shape. Talk about guilt-free indulgence!

Can I share my Chocolate skateboard with friends, or will they get jealous?

Sharing is caring! Introduce your friends to the sweet world of Chocolate Skateboards and show them how much fun it is to ride. Just be prepared for some friendly competition as everyone tries to out-skate each other!