Playshion Boards
Playshion's goal is to supply a high-quality and diverse range of longboards & skateboards that are competitively priced. Customer satisfaction is their highest priority! Since their formation in 2013, they have supplied tens of thousands of products to customers around the world.

Playshion longboards carry a line of very popular symmetrical drop-through longboards with awesome graphics like palm trees, strips, tigers, bees as well as great abstract designs. These longboards are fun to see and even more fun to ride.
They are great starter longboards as you get a whole lot of quality for not that much money. Check them out.

What types of skateboards does Playshion offer?

Playshion offers a variety of skateboards, including longboards, cruisers, and beginner skateboards for kids.

Are Playshion skateboards suitable for beginners?

Yes, Playshion skateboards are suitable for beginners, as they offer a range of options with stable decks, softer wheels, and adjustable trucks for better control and balance.

What are the common wheel sizes and durometers for Playshion skateboards?

Playshion wheels are usually between 60mm and 70mm in diameter, with a durometer of 78A to 80A. This provides a smooth ride and good grip on various surfaces.