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Bearings for Longboard Skateboard

Longboard skateboard bearings are crucial to give your board a smooth ride. They are the ones that reduce friction between your wheels and your truck. Make sure you put the best longboard bearings for your ride on the board, so your longboard wheels keep spinning and spinning and you have lots of fun.

Bearings are the tiny steel balls that allow your wheels to spin on the axle. They are usually made out of steel and sometimes ceramic. Steel bearings are the most popular. Bearings come in a standard size to fit within longboard and skateboard wheels. They are graded in ABEC grades. The higher the Abec rating, the more precise the bearing was created. Since Abec ratings are not strictly regulated, there is not always a big difference depending on which number you get. Go for ABEC 5. 7 or 9. ABEC7 and ABEC9 are most commonly used.