5 Main Differences Between a Longboard and a Skateboard

5 Main Differences Between a Longboard and a Skateboard

If you are just starting in the world of skating and you still don't know much about the boards that exist in this sport, you may be wondering what are the differences between a Longboard and a Skateboard? Well, both are completely different. We could talk about their measurements, the wood they are made of, or how the axles and wheels vary from one to the other, among other characteristics.

But before looking at their differences and having the necessary information to know which one to choose, you should know that everything depends on what is the goal you want to achieve, for example: Do you want to slide down tubes and perform many pirouettes in the air? Or on the contrary, do you prefer to go down slopes? Well, that's why in this blog we will discover what are the 5 main differences between both types of boards, so you know which one to choose according to your needs. 

Dimensions: Size is the main and most noticeable difference between the two types of boards.
  • Skateboard: In general, a skateboard measures between 32" long and 8" wide.

  • Longboard: On the other hand, longboards measure between 40" long and 10" wide. Longboards are, of course, longer and can measure up to 59". The ideal width for you will depend on your skating needs. The wider the width, the more stability, and the longer the board, the more stable and the more inertia it will have.
Image of types of board dimensions.
  • Skateboard: The shape of the skateboard will always be bi-directional, that is, it will have a raised nose and tail to facilitate tricks, and always have the same shape because their purpose is always the same: to do tricks.
  • Longboard; The shapes and sizes of a longboard vary a lot, as it depends on the modality. There are several types, such as Pintails, Drop Through, Drop Deck, etc. Each of these shapes has different functions: for example, the Pintails (beak-shaped tail) allows the use of larger wheels and wider axles. Their handling is similar to that of a surfboard. Another example would also be longboards with the tail and nose more or less elevated to facilitate tricks in the mode called freestyle. As you can see, a longboard can have different shapes depending on what you want to achieve with it: tricks, moving, skidding, going down slopes, etc.
Image of types of board shapes

The hardness of the wheels is also very important and makes a big difference; the softer they are, the more they grip the ground and the less they will skid. 
  • Skateboard: For skateboarding, they are always hard. Generally, they are used 95A.
The hardness is measured by a scale that goes from 72, very soft, to 101, very hard, and using the letters A or D that are to designate if the material is soft or hard respectively).
  • Longboard: The size of longboard wheels is much larger since they measure between 60-90 mm or more than those of a normal skateboard; in general, they measure between 56-60 mm.
For the dimensions of the shapes and sizes, in the following image you will find that the first ones are longboard wheels, the second ones are skateboard wheels.

image of wheels

  • Skateboard: Skateboard shafts are usually 5″ long.
  • Longboard: Longboard shafts are 7″ long.
Undoubtedly, the shafts of a longboard are longer than those of a skateboard. Keep in mind that the longer the longboard or skateboard axles are, the more stability and more inertia in the impulse; but they are heavier and slower.
Longboard Shafts:
image of trucks
Skateboard Shafts:
image of silver truckSkateboard Shafts:
Speed and Tricks: As we have explained before, each board is designed with a purpose, and it all depends on the skating style you want to practice. Choosing one board or the other requires you to ask yourself if you want to perform awesome tricks, or cruise through your city at high speeds while enjoying the view. Speed or tricks? You decide how to practice this sport!
Image of awesome tricks.

Skateboards are perfect for those who want to learn new tricks. grinding rails, mastering mini skate ramps, performing master kicks, and conquering ollies, among others. On the other hand, riders with longboards tend to enjoy a more stable riding experience, cruising with friends, conquering hills, riding on the beach, practicing longboard dancing and using their board to get around town.

Now that you know their differences and what kind of activity you can do with these boards, you have everything you need to choose the right one for you! Also, you can find the best accessories to ride in the best way! Visit our Longboards USA website and discover all the products we have available! We have the perfect longboards or skateboards waiting for you!

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