Kicktail Longboards

Kicktail Longboards

Kicktail longboards have a traditional shape, just like the skateboards. It is the most popular longboard shape and it is a great board for cruising around town. In addition to having a kicktail it also has a concave for all the longboard tricks you would like to do since this board has more control and better steering. There are cheap longboards, moderate priced and top of the line kicktail longboards. Just pick your favorite kicktail longboard deck / complete.

What are Kicktail Longboards good for?

A Kicktail longboard has a tail (backend) that goes slightly up, which allows (just like a skateboard) to lift off/kick up one end of the board off the ground. This makes is easier to do tricks, or hop on a curb, make sharp turns and so on. The extra quick maneuverability helps to prevent collisions and makes you more versatile.

What is the difference between a pintail longboard and a kicktail longboard?

The Pintail as well as the Kicktail longboards are great for cruising and carving around town, street or for commute.By a Kicktail board is the backend (tail) of the board slightly bent upwards, which give you to possibility to kick it and maneuver easily and/or do tricks. A pintail board is flat and doesn't have that tail.

What is the advantage of a kicktail on a longboard?

The kicktail on a longboard provides greater maneuverability and versatility, allowing riders to perform a wider range of tricks and maneuvers. It also makes it easier to navigate through tight spaces and obstacles, such as curbs and pedestrians.

Are kicktail longboards suitable for beginners?

Kicktail longboards can be suitable for beginners, especially those who are interested in learning tricks and maneuvers. However, they may require more skill and balance to ride than traditional longboards, so beginners should choose a board that is appropriate for their skill level and experience and riding desires.