Element Skateboards

Element is making skateboards since 1992.
Their goal was simple, to be the best they could be in the most honest and ethical way possible. They joined together to elevate what everybody truly believed in. Today they continue to create the art, direction and message on the constant path to bring progress to skateboarding. They are more than a business; they are a family, all on the same journey for the growth within themselves, Element and all that surrounds them.

Element skateboards are about Wind, Water, Fire and Earth and their boards are used by many famous skaters and an awful lot of skate enthusiasts.

Element Skateboards is a fun-loving, eco-conscious skateboard brand that has been spreading good vibes and top-notch skateboarding products since its inception in 1992. Founded by the ever-enthusiastic Johnny Schillereff, the brand is on a mission to unite skateboarding, environmental stewardship, and an appreciation for life's simple pleasures – all while cruising on four wheels!

With its roots firmly planted in skateboarding culture, Element offers a delightful range of decks, complete skateboards, apparel, and accessories that are designed to not only improve your skateboarding experience but also bring a smile to your face. The brand is known for its environmentally friendly approach, incorporating sustainable materials and practices whenever possible – because who says you can't have a blast while also taking care of Mother Earth?

Element's team of professional skateboarders, including the likes of Nyjah Huston and Evan Smith, embody the brand's lighthearted spirit and commitment to high-quality skateboarding. Their jaw-dropping tricks and contagious enthusiasm serve as a source of inspiration and amusement for skateboarders of all levels.

With its unique blend of performance, style, and eco-awareness, Element Skateboards invites riders to embrace their inner free spirit, connect with nature, and most importantly, have a ton of fun while shredding the streets, parks, and ramps. So, hop on an Element skateboard and let the good times roll!

Will an Element skateboard help me find my "element" in life?

Finding your "element" might require some soul-searching, but an Element skateboard can certainly help you discover your passion for skateboarding and connect with like-minded individuals.

Are Element Skateboards my ticket to becoming one with nature?

While Element Skateboards might not transform you into a tree-hugging guru, their earth-friendly ethos and high-quality products will certainly help you feel more connected to the skateboarding community and the world around you.

Is it true that Element Skateboards can help me achieve inner peace?

Skateboarding can be a meditative and fulfilling activity, so while we can't guarantee inner peace, riding an Element skateboard might just bring you a sense of joy, balance, and harmony.