Punked Longboards

Punked Longboards by Yocaher
Punked Longboards is one of Yocaher's top brands and is being selected by more and more longboarders. They are based in Chino California. A punked longboard is a great beginner longboard. They are cheap and at the same time of great quality. You get an excellent deal on these boards. We have over 1000 variations of Yocaher longboards and skateboards available in the webshop and they are bright and playful.

Punked has board in many shapes like Pintail, Kicktails, Drop Down, Drop Through, Lowriders, Old School to name a few.
Their graphics are rad and cover a wide array of designs, from nostalgic route 66 decals, beach, surf designs, through, tiki, tie-dye, trees, gradients, cities, checkered, animals, robots to geometric and earth series.

Yocaher also has a wide range of blank boards in natural, red, green, blue, pink, or black available.

What makes Punked Longboards different from other longboards?

Punked Longboards stand out from other longboards with their unique and eye-catching graphics. They also use high-quality materials such as Canadian maple and bamboo to ensure durability and performance.

Who are Punked Longboards designed for?

Punked Longboards are designed for riders of all skill levels who enjoy cruising, carving, and long-distance riding. They are ideal for commuters, campus cruisers, and anyone looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to get around.