Best Skateboard Brands Available

When buying a skateboard, it's important to consider the brand name as it can give you an idea of the quality and popularity of the boards. The brand is only one factor to consider when choosing a skateboard, though. Also consider design, material and how you are planning to use your long board. Is it for some cruising, riding a skatepark, doing flips, getting around on campus, commuting to work or something else?

Looking for great cheap stunt board or are you on the hunt for a more expensive board with higher quality materials? 

Here is a list of skateboard brands that we carry (or have carried) in our longboard skateboard store. Some brands have a lot of boards available, while others are either low in stock or completely sold out. Our inventory of longboards and skateboards changes rapidly. Some brands may not have any boards available at the moment, but we hope to have them available again in the near future.

Alien Workshop Skateboards
Almost Skateboards
Aluminati Boards
Antihero Skateboards
ATM Click Skateboards
Baker Baca Logo Grey 8.0" Skateboard Deck - Longboards USA
Bamboo Skateboards
Birdhouse Skateboards
Blind Skateboards
Chocolate Skateboards
Darkstar Skateboards
Darkroom 9" x 33" Sliver Tonal Black Grey Griptape Sheet - Longboards USA
Deathwish Gang Logo 8.0" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Element Skateboards
enjoi skateboards
FLIP Skateboards
Foundation Skateboards
Girl Bannerot 93 Til 7.5" Skateboard - Longboards USA
Globe Longboard Skateboards
Grizzly Garden Of Eden 8.0" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Habitat Harper Isle Royale 8.0" Skateboard Deck - Longboards USA
Heart Supply Bam United Black/Pink 8.0" Skateboard - Longboards USA
KFD Two Headed Zombie Young Gunz 7.75" Skateboard - Longboards USA
Penny Skateboards
Pizza Chucky 8.0" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Plan B Bolt 7.75 " Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Pompom Skateboards
Primitive Naruto Rodriguez Combat 7.75" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
RAD Melon 7.25" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Real Island Oval 7.5" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Swell Surfrider Airy Blue/White 28" Cuiser Skateboard - Longboards USA
SDS Skateboards
Toy Machine Toy Division 8.0" Skateboard - Longboards USA
Verb XL Script Mint 8.25" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Zoo York OG 95 Tag White/Black 8.25" Skateboard - Longboards USA