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Best Skateboard Brands Available

Always consider a brand name when you buy a skateboard as that can be a good indication of the quality and popularity of the boards.

Looking for great cheap stunt board or are you on the hunt for a more expensive board with higher quality materials? A brand is just 1 indicator if you are looking for a great skateboard. Also consider design, material and how you are planning to use your long board. Is it for some cruising, riding a skatepark, doing flips, getting around on campus, commuting to work or something else?

Here a list of Skateboard Brands we have (or had) in our longboard skateboard web store.  Some have lots of boards available others are either low or completely sold out. The inventory of longboards skateboards changes rapidly (daily) - especially due to COVID-19. Several brands have no boards available at the time, however we hope to get them back in stock again in the near future. 

Alien Workshop Skateboards
Almost Skateboards
Aluminati Boards
Antihero Skateboards
ATM Click Skateboards
Bamboo Skateboards
Birdhouse Skateboards
Blind Skateboards
Chocolate Skateboards
Darkstar Skateboards
enjoi skatebaords
FLIP Skateboards
Foundation Skateboards
GIRL Gass Vibrations 7.75" Skateboard - Longboards USA
Globe Longboard Skateboards
Grizzly To The Max 8.0" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Habitat Pod Yellow 7.5" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Heart Supply Squad Blue Red 7.75" Skateboard - Longboards USA
KFD Bandana White 8.0" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Penny Skateboards
Pizza Chucky 8.0" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Plan B Sheckler Corner 8.0" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Pompom Skateboards
Primitive Naruto Rodriguez Combat 7.75" Complete Skateboard - Longboards USA
Swell Surfrider Airy Blue/White 28" Cuiser Skateboard - Longboards USA
SDS Skateboards
Toy Machine Monster 8.0" Skateboard - Longboards USA