Blank Longboards

Let your imagination flow! These blank longboards have an empty canvas to allow for personalized graphics. You can get either a deck only or make it complete and personalize it the way you want it. Available in many shapes like pintail, drop-through, drop down, and for all riding styles. You can decorate and build your own longboard if you want or just keep it plain that's fine too.

Decorating the bottom of your long board can be so much fun. You can start with a clear wood canvas, or with any of the popular colors like red, green, purple, pink, blue, and even black. 

This allows you to get YOUR design on the board and make it really you. We have seen so many fun, awesome, personal, local, or just crazy designs. There are real artists out there. Just do what you want and have a lot of fun with it.

What is a blank longboard?

A blank longboard is a type of longboard that does not have any graphics or designs on the deck. They are typically made from high-quality materials but lack the branding or artwork of other longboards.

What are the benefits of using a blank longboard

The benefits of using a blank longboard include a more customizable design, a simpler and more minimalist look, and mostly a lower cost compared to branded longboards.

How do I customize my blank longboard?

You can customize your blank longboard by adding your own artwork or designs to the deck using paint or stickers. You can also add wheels, trucks, and other components in many colors to give the board a personal look and feel.