2024 longboard skateboard Collection

Roll into 2024 with a bang, or rather, a smooth glide on the latest longboards and skateboards, so new they practically still have their price tags on! We're talking about the crème de la crème from top-notch brands like GoldCoast, DB Longboards, Yocaher, and Element. And let's not forget the skateboard superstars Real, Alien Atom, Beercan, and the ever-so-chic Girl. Plus, Sector9, Dusters, Landyachtz, Globe, Quest, Santa Cruz, and Madrid Skateboards are joining the party too.

Are you a pintail poet, a cruiser connoisseur, a freeride fanatic, or a downhill daredevil? Whatever your style, our 2024 lineup is so fresh, it might just ask you for a dance. With the slickest, most advanced 2024 longboards available, you'll be the envy of the boardwalk. Dive headfirst into a sea of innovative designs and surf the concrete waves with your perfect board match. Our collection is constantly evolving, like a skateboarder learning new tricks. So, snag your favorite 2024 model and let's roll – your new skateboard is waiting to hit the streets and maybe even snag a few autographs!