Foundation Skateboards

Foundation Skateboards
Foundation Skateboards started in 1989 as Foundation Super Co. and joining forces to create Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboards, Pig Wheels & Ruckus Trucks.

Tum Yeto, Inc. was born in 1994 as the distribution home of this collective. They are skateboarders who want to express the creativity and freedom of the skateboarding culture that they were born out of. Twenty+ years later and they continue to push the limits in creativity, quality, and good times.

Party forward. Keep on rolling.

What makes Foundation Skateboards the bee's knees among skateboard brands?

Foundation Skateboards is known for its top-notch skateboard decks that are as tough as nails, paired with funky, eye-popping graphics. They're all about spreading the stoke and keeping the skateboarding community rocking and rolling!

If I ride a Foundation Skateboard, will I suddenly become a skateboarding wizard?

Foundation Skateboards are perfect for all kinds of skateboarding sorcery, from street to park and vert. While their boards won't grant you instant magical powers, they sure will make your journey towards skateboarding greatness way more fun!

Are Foundation Skateboards suitable for all the wild skateboarding adventures I can dream up?

You bet! Foundation Skateboards are designed for all sorts of gnarly escapades, whether you're grinding down rails, launching off ramps, or cruising the streets. Just hop on your board and let the good times roll!

How does Foundation Skateboards help the skateboarding community reach new heights?

Foundation Skateboards is all about lifting the skateboarding community to cloud nine! They support up-and-coming riders, host events and competitions, and collaborate with local skate shops to make skateboarding more accessible and fun for everyone. Skate on, dudes and dudettes!