PIzza Skateboards

Everybody loves pizza. -Pizza Skateboards

What's the secret ingredient in Pizza Skateboards that makes them so tasty?

While we can't reveal our secret recipe, we can assure you that each Pizza Skateboard is made with a perfect blend of high-quality materials, pop, and a generous topping of radness that'll leave you hungry for more!

Is it true that Pizza Skateboards make you skate faster because of their aerodynamic pepperoni design?

While our pepperoni graphics are undeniably mouth-watering, they might not actually make you skate faster. However, our boards are designed for optimum performance, so you'll be zipping around the streets like a piping hot delivery in no time!

Can I customize my Pizza Skateboard to have my favorite toppings?

Although our decks come pre-seasoned with delicious graphics, you can still add your personal flavor by choosing your preferred trucks, wheels, and bearings. Create the perfect slice of skateboarding heaven that's uniquely yours!