Ghost Longboards

Ghost Longboards

Ghost Longboards is known for its clear acrylic longboards that are crafted with a blend of innovative design and performance. Based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA, it offers over 50 distinct longboard designs along with customization options to cater to individual preferences​. The unique proposition of Ghost Longboards lies in its customizability, where every aspect from engraved artwork to the colors of the trucks and wheels can be tailored to a rider's style.  

The inception of Ghost Longboards traces back to around a decade ago, when the idea sprouted from leftover plexiglass from a project. Initially conceptualized as a fun project rather than a business idea, the vision gradually evolved over time, marking the birth of Ghost Longboards​. Their slogan, "Live Free. Ride a Ghost," encapsulates the ethos of personal expression and adventure that the brand embodies. The longboards are manufactured ensuring high-quality clear acrylic construction for a smooth riding experience.

Are these Acrylic / Plexiglass Ghost Longboards Slippery?

No, they aren't slippery, and there's no need for grip tape. The surface of these boards is designed to provide adequate traction for riders, ensuring a stable and secure footing while cruising.

Do these Ghost Longboards scratch and break easy?

No, they are not prone to breaking easily. However, like any other longboard, they can incur scratches and dings. To maintain its appearance, we provide cleaning and polishing products to help keep your board in near immaculate condition.

What material are the ghost longboards made of?

They are made of clear Acrylic / Plexiglass (available in 8 awesome colors) Standard thickness is 0.75″ (for riders up to 220 lbs).
Also available in color Clear with a 1" thickness (for riders from 221 – 340 lbs).