Longboard Shape Guide

Longboard Shape Guide

Longboards come in all kinds of shapes and board styles.  To get a better understanding what's out there, we put the most common shapes together on this page. Pick your favorite shape that best fits your riding style. If you still need help, just shoot us an email.

Pintail Longboard


The pintail is a leave like board that has a flat concave. This allows for easy riding and it therefore a great board for beginners. The pintail is the most popular and classic longboard out there and is fit for a larger sized campus cruiser. It is a well rounded board.
Kicktail Longboard


The kicktail has a few more features then the pintail but is very similar. The kicktail longboard gives the rider more utility. It features a low grade of concave and a kicktail to give riders more control when riding. It is easier to kick up the board without having to bend over.
Fishtail Longboard


You can recognize a fishtail longboard easily as it has a fish like tail on the back. It has a steeper radial concave then the kicktail. You will have more heel and toe control due to its low flex and the concave. This control is allow for great speed control and wide carving.
drop through Longboard

Drop Through

A drop through longboard has cutouts on the nose and tail that allows the trucks to be mounted on the top of the board. This makes the board lower to the ground and therefore more stable when riding at speed. This might not be suitable for beginners. The medium concave and low flex allows you to maintain control easier when sliding and carving at higher speeds.
drop down Longboard

Drop Down

The drop down longboard is designed to provide a lower center of gravity. The foot platform sits lower than the trucks. This board is perfect for Downhill riding and it is capable to achieve high speed due through the no-flex.
Double Drop Longboard

Double Drop

Double Drop Longboards (sometimes called lowriders) are a combination of drop through Longboards and drop down longboards. So double down on these great longboards which will get you low to the ground. This is the most stable deck style, but it is also the least common due to its high degree of difficulty to construct. This shape is generally found on dedicated downhill boards.
Micro Cruiser


The cruiser or mini cruiser is nice and small and they also call it a campus cruiser. It fits nicely in a backpack and it is easy to take with you from class to class. The small size allows intense carving and total control when you utilize the kicktail in the back for sharp turns. It is also ideal for just cruising. It can be used by small children or experienced carvers who are able to carve in and out tight spaces.


The skateboard is the new school. It comes with a mellow concave which allows for a more flat footed skating style. It has a back and front kicktail so it is easy to do tricks, pivots and ollies and you do not have to pick up your board every time to turn it the right way. This symmetrical board is used in pool parks and on the streets.

Symmetrical Topmount

A symmetrical topmount design makes it easy to steer in any direction without having to pick it up and turn around again to go into another direction. This symmetrical board is also called bi-directional boards. The trucks are mounted right under the deck. The deck is a little bit higher than the symmetrical drop thru. The deck has usually a medium concave.