Have Twice the Fun with Double Drop Longboards

Have Twice the Fun with Double Drop Longboards

Longboarding is a very fun activity and full of many things to discover, but if you are looking for a very versatile board for your passion, here we will show you the ideal one for you to have double the excitement every time you go out to ride. We are talking about the Double Drop Longboards. All Double Drop longboards are Drop Downs and Drop Throughs.

What characterizes these boards the most is that they are twice as low as a standard board. This unique board provides a spectacular ride because everything is double on it! This longboard is perfect for learning new slides and freestyle kicks. It is also perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike. It has a sleek look and will last a long time.

Double Drop Longboards are best suited for certain types of riders and specific riding styles. Specifically, they are a great choice for pushing, commuting, and long-distance riding. Double Drops are also great for freeride and sliding for less experienced riders.

That's why in this blog we want to tell you more to convince you how awesome it is to have a Double Drop Longboard, read on and learn about their features, and advantages.

Characteristics of Double Drop Longboards

  • A Double Drop-through longboard deck is a deck-mounted in the shape of a Drop-through. For beginners, Drop-through refers to trucks that are mounted across the deck through a cutout hole, with the base plate of the truck sitting on top of the deck and the rest of the truck underneath it.

  • The standing deck is lower than the truck mounts, so there is a drop in the shape of the deck near each mounting point.

  • Having a drop-in truck lowers the platform closer to the ground and changes the way the board responds to movement. Having a drop in the deck lowers the deck even more and distributes its weight differently across the trucks.

  • When you ride a board with a double drop, your gravity center is much lower than on a top mount longboard without a drop. Your feet are much closer to the ground, but further away from the trucks, as they are placed underneath and between the trucks.

What kind of skating is it for?

  • It's ideal for freeride, push, and relaxed and stable cruising.
  • It is perfect for riding on flat and long terrain.
  • It is good for beginners and mimics the feel of wave surfing.
  • Having your center of gravity really low to the ground can be an advantage as it makes your longboard stable at high speeds, allowing you to go fast without wobbling.

Advantages of a Double Drop Longboard

  • It is bi-directional, which means that it doesn't matter which way you ride the board, as there is no front or back. The board is symmetrical, so if you turn 180 degrees you can still ride forward.
  • Many are customizable, so you can get them with the color and type of wheels and accessories you want.
  • Being so close to the pavement makes kick pushing noticeably easier and less strain on your knees and hips, as your foot doesn't need to travel as far to hit the ground pushing.
  • The lowered platform also provides a more comfortable ride.
  • A foot breaker is also a little easier since your foot doesn't have to travel as far to reach the ground.
  • It offers stability and control when descending and is very stable.

Double Drop Longboards are very versatile and comfortable, you get twice as much of everything a skateboarder looks for in a board! So don't hesitate and visit our online skateboard store and get yours now; we have many styles and designs available for you!



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