Blank Skateboards

Introducing our blank skateboards: a carefully curated selection of high-quality decks designed for skaters who value self-expression and individuality. This diverse range features various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit every riding style and preference.

Each minimalist board serves as a blank canvas, inviting you to unleash your creativity and personalize your ride with custom artwork, stickers, or grip tape designs.

Experience the freedom to craft a truly unique skateboard that speaks to your identity and showcases your passion for the sport. Embrace the art of self-expression with our versatile and performance-driven blank skateboard collection. 


Blank skateboards come in many colors, without graphics, and have an attractive price. Great for a starter skateboard or if you want to really make it your own. Cheap blank boards in many sizes, so get creative and make them your own.

What is a blank skateboard?

A blank skateboard is a skateboard without any graphics or branding on the deck. It provides a clean and minimalist look, giving skaters the opportunity to customize their boards with their own artwork, stickers, or simply enjoy the natural wood appearance.

Are blank skateboards good for beginners?

Yes, blank skateboards are suitable for beginners as they typically offer the same functionality and build quality as branded / graphic boards. The main difference is the absence of graphics, which usually results in a lower price point.

Can I add my own graphics to a blank skateboard?

Yes, blank skateboards are perfect for customizing with your own artwork, stickers, or grip tape designs. You can use paint, markers, stencils, or even get a custom printed design applied to your deck.

Are blank skateboards cheaper than branded ones?

Generally, blank skateboards are more affordable than branded ones because they don't carry the cost of marketing and artist royalties. However, the price difference doesn't necessarily reflect a difference in quality or performance.