ATM Click Skateboards

ATM Click Skateboards

ATM Click Skateboards focuses on producing skateboards for riders who just want to have fun. They are widely known for their quality board shape. Founded in 1992 and is currently distributed by SOP Distributions in Oceanside, California. ATM Click has a great selection of starter boards for beginners and technical styles for intermediate levels. 

Are ATM Skateboards really made from old ATM machines?

No, ATM Skateboards has nothing to do with automated teller machines. ATM stands for "A Time Machine," reflecting the brand's commitment to producing high-quality skateboards that stand the test of time.

Do I need a PIN number to unlock the full potential of my ATM skateboard?

No PIN number is required to ride or enjoy your ATM skateboard. The only thing you need is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and progress in your skateboarding journey.

If I lose my ATM skateboard, can I just call my bank to get a replacement?

Unfortunately, your bank won't be able to help you replace a lost ATM skateboard. If you lose or damage your board, you'll need to visit our Longboards USA website to purchase a new one.