Blood Orange Longboard Skateboard Wheels

Blood Orange Wheels
Check out all the great Blood Orange wheels for Longboards and Skateboards. These are some of the best wheels you can get for your boards.

What makes Blood Orange Wheels different from other skateboard/longboard wheels?

Blood Orange Wheels are designed with a unique urethane formula that provides a smooth and predictable ride. We use only the highest-quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that our wheels are durable and long-lasting.

What size and durometer options are available for Blood Orange Wheels?

We offer a wide range of size and durometer options to suit every style of skating. Our sizes range from 60mm to 75mm, and our durometers range from 77a to 89a.

Are Blood Orange Wheels good for downhill or freeriding?

Yes! Our wheels are designed with a sharp lip profile and a supportive core to provide maximum grip and control while you're bombing hills or freeriding. Plus, our urethane formula provides a smooth and predictable slide when you need it.

Can Blood Orange Wheels be used on both skateboards and longboards?

Absolutely! Our wheels are versatile enough to be used on both skateboards and longboards. Just make sure you choose the size and durometer that's right for your specific setup and riding style.