Deville Skateboards

Deville Skateboarding
Deville Skateboards consist of quality Longboards made from the finest materials: bamboo, maple, carbon-fiber, Navigator Trucks, and Deville Wheels.

They grew up surfing, skating, and working within the Action Sports Industry on the west coast of California's Ventura County. Through their trials and triumphs in the industry they were compelled to introduce an innovative line of longboards: Deville Skateboards. The great thing about Deville Longboards is they can be tuned for a variety of different riding styles such as downhill, carving, free riding, slalom or just pushing along the sidewalk to your next class. Deville uses 100% recycled aluminum & reusable materials, pays attention to detail, and has spared no expense to provide you with something we all yearn for...integrity; internally and externally. You will notice that their graphics stem from their love of surfing, skating, and the rat rod culture. Enjoy 'em as much as you do!

What type of wood is used in Deville Skateboards?

Most Deville Skateboards typically use high-quality, 7-ply Canadian maple wood for their decks, ensuring durability and optimal performance.

What is the weight limit for a Deville Skateboard?

The weight limit for Deville Skateboards generally ranges from 220 to 280 pounds (100 to 127 kg), depending on the specific model. Be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations for the board you are interested in.