All Longboard Brands Available to You.

Always consider the brand name when you buy a longboard as that can be a good indication of the quality and popularity of the boards. Some brands are known for great downhill boards, others are focussed on providing excellent cruising boards. Looking for great cheap riding boards or are you on the hunt for a more expensive board with higher quality materials? A brand is just 1 indicator if you are looking for a great longboard. Also consider design, material and how you are planning to use your long board. Is it for cruising, getting around on campus, commuting to work or something else? 

Here a list of Longboard Brands we have (or had) in our longboard skateboard store.  Some have lots of boards available others are either low or completely sold out. The inventory of longboards skateboards changes rapidly (daily) - especially due to COVID-19. Several brands have no boards available at the time, however we hope to get them back in stock in the near future again. 

AKAW! Barracuda 30" Surfskate Longboard - Longboards USA
Aluminati Boards
Atom Longboards
Beercan Boards
Bamboo Skateboards
Deville Skateboards
DB Longboards
California Locos Guadalupe X Mister Cartoon 31" Cruiser Longboard - Longboards USA
Dusters California
Ehlers Longboards
Flow Surf Skates
Ghost Jellyfish 40" Wheel Cut Longboard - Longboards USA
Globe Longboard Skateboards
Gravity Skateboards Longboards
Hamboards Logger Walnut 59" Dancing Longboard - Longboards USA
Joyride Gleam Black/Blue 39" Drop Through Longboard - Longboards USA
Kahuna Creations
Krown Longboards
Long Island Dharma 38" Pintail Longboard - Longboards USA
Landyachtz Boards
Layback Longboards
Ocean Pacific Longboards
Omen Longboards
Prism Skate Co
Punked Longboards
Quest Boards
Rayne Longboards
Riviera Skateboards
Santa Cruz Skateboards
Sector 9 Skateboards
Stella Longboards
Shark Wheel
Kebbek Skateboards
Moose Skateboards
Orlando Longboards
Paradise Sun Splash Double Drop 41" Longboard - Longboards USA
Sanview Lines 34" Cruiser Kicktail Longboard - Longboards USA
Street Surfing - Higher Faster - Drop Through 39" Longboard - Longboards USA
Yow Teahupoo Power 34" Surfskate Cruiser Longboard - Longboards USA
Z-Flex Skateboards