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Girls Longboards

Girls Longboards

We believe that girls and/or ladies can ride almost any longboard, and there are quite a couple of strong rider girls out there, so don't limit yourself to the boards in this section. However, to get the beginners started we highlighted some boards that are in general better suited for girls based on the size, color, setup, and/or graphic. So ladies shop till you drop for your girl longboard, get your board shipped to you, and go shred and have lots of fun. Any longboard for girls will ship free if over $99.

FAQ Girls Longboards

What is a good Longboard for Girls?

Any longboard is good for Girls. There is no difference if a girl or a boy rides the board. In general girls are a bit smaller, so the shorter longboards or cruisers might be a good fit. Further more look at the designs and colors of the graphics, which might be more tilted towards girls.

What is the Best Girls Longboard?

First look how you are going to use the longboard, cruising, campus, tricks, or downhill. Then pick the board thats most suitable for that task. Don't just follow all the spam/click bait with "10 best boards for girls", "the best longboards for girls" etc. Just look at how you going to use it and what your proficiency level is. And yes the design is nice, but not the most important part.