Girls Longboards

Girls Longboards

We believe that girls and women have the capability to ride any type of longboard. There are numerous female riders who have proven their strength and skills in this sport. However, for those who are just starting out, we have put together a list of longboards that are considered to be more suitable for women.

These boards are chosen based on factors such as size, color, setup, and graphic design. These features are designed to make it easier for beginner female riders to find the right board to start with. We encourage all women to take their time shopping for their ideal longboard and not to limit themselves to just the boards in this section.

Once you've found the perfect board, have it shipped to your doorstep and start shredding! Longboarding is a fun and exciting sport and we want to make sure that all women have the opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest. So go ahead, shop until you drop, and have a blast on your new longboard!

What is a good Longboard for Girls?

Any longboard is good for Girls. There is no difference if a girl or a boy rides the board. In general girls are a bit smaller, so the shorter longboards or cruisers might be a good fit. Further more look at the designs and colors of the graphics, which might be more tilted towards girls.

What is the Best Girls Longboard?

First look how you are going to use the longboard, cruising, campus, tricks, or downhill. Then pick the board thats most suitable for that task. Don't just follow all the spam/click bait with "10 best boards for girls", "the best longboards for girls" etc. Just look at how you going to use it and what your proficiency level is. And yes the design is nice, but not the most important part.

What features should girls look for in a longboard?

Girls should look for a longboard that is easy to control and maneuver, with a comfortable deck and responsive trucks. They could also consider the design and graphics of the longboard to find one that fits their style.

Can girls perform the same tricks on a longboard as boys?

Definitely, girls can perform the same tricks on a longboard as boys. It is a matter of practice, dedication, and skill rather than gender. However, it is important to choose a longboard that is appropriate for the rider's skill level and riding style.