How To Choose Your Longboard and Parts

Longboard Shape Guide

Are you new to longboarding? Or are you looking into longboarding but don't know what to get? If you want to know what kind of deck, trucks and wheels to get you, we have information for you. Choose your riding style and find the perfect longboard. There are many options possible, so read below what is right for you.

When you start longboarding, it is good to know what parts are on a longboard and what it is for. You will need to adjust parts at some point, so your board will keep riding smoothly. So it is essential that you do know your longboard and all the parts.

Over the years, longboards are getting more and more popular and many sizes and shapes are available. Doing some research before buying is defintely recommended. Don't take the first longboard from a department store, you will end up regretting it. A little research will come a long way and you will have a lot of fun.