How to know if you are Goofy or Regular Skateboarder

How to know if you are a Goofy or Regular Skateboarder?

If you are starting in the world of skateboarding or longboarding, the first thing you should know is if you are goofy or regular, that is if at the time of getting on the board, you will do it with the right or left foot forward and with which foot you will propel yourself.
  • Regular: With the left foot forward.
  • Goofy: With the right foot forward.
Where does the term goofy come from?

On September 24, 1937, a short film was released in which 'Goofy', the emblematic and friendly Disney cartoon, surfed with his right foot in front instead of the most common position (with the left foot in front). From 1950 onwards, the word began to be used thanks to this short film.

Here you can see how Goofy discovers surfing and how he puts his right foot in front, marking history and leaving a legacy in Surfing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, and Longboarding.

How do you know if you are goofy or regular?

Here are 4 tips to make your riding position more comfortable and natural, which will help you achieve your goals more smoothly.

  1. Find someone to push you: This is an old trick. What you should do is stand on your board with both feet parallel and together facing forward; the person who will help you should push you from the back forward. The leg that you instinctively put forward will go there on the board. If it is the right foot that goes forward, you are goofy; if it is left, you are regular.

    You must try to be relaxed so that the movement happens as unexpectedly and instinctively as possible.

  2. Slide skating on the floor: As if it were a child's game, sliding on the floor and standing up can be another option. The technique is that, in socks and as if you were skating, you start running and slow down by sliding down the hallway of your house. The foot you slide forward is the one that marks your natural position.

  3. Going up or downstairs: It might sound a little strange since we all know how to climb stairs with one leg or the other, but if you are naturally born to always do it with one of the two extremities, you will be goofy or regular. The foot with which you go up or down first will be the one that goes first.

  4. Pushing heavy objects forward: If you push a larger resistance, such as a car, you will have to watch which foot you put forward. This will mark the stance you will naturally maintain on top of your board.

Keep in mind that being goofy or regular has no influence whatsoever on your later abilities when it comes to practicing this wonderful sport. The proof of that is Rodney Mullen, who is a regular:
Gif of Rodney Mullen

And Tony Hawk who is goofy.

Gif of Tony Hawk

Little by little, and with these simple recommendations, you will be able to find your most natural style when you get on a board. This will be of great help to start riding in the streets or trying some tricks, and even to choose the style you want to practice in the future; for example, Freestyle or Longboard Dancing. So it's time to start! Put these little tips into practice and if you would like to know more about longboarding and everything that goes around this world of skateboarding, you can visit our Longboards USA blog page.

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