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Many satisfied customers have bought from us since we started our business to sell online in 2006. 

First started with Toys, Games and Sporting Goods, and later extended with educational products, kids furniture and fragrances. With a growing demand, we were spending more and more time on Longboards and Skateboards. A great product to use outside, have fun, meet friends and socialize, so the decision was made to start a specific longboard store and "Longboards USA" was born.

Learning is something we do every day. As we grow, we find out new specifics about Longboards / Skateboards that we didn't know before. Your positive feedback and questions make learning go pretty fast. The support from skilled industry veteran manufacturers helps a lot too. So shop around at Longboards USA, and we are happy to help to find the right board for you.

Located near San Francisco, California, in the Bay Area - and currently an online only shop (a possible skate shop is being considered for the future).

Looking for a pintail longboard, dropdown, downhill longboard, longboard made of eco-friendly bamboo and many more quality longboards in different shapes and styles, in many colors and with great graphics? Many of these longboards are made in the USA. If you have questions, check out the FAQs or contact us.

Buy your longboard - any style and in any shape, go shred and have fun!

Karin & the Longboards USA team.

San Francisco longboard

email: info@LongboardsUSA.com

1-800-660-4542 (Monday-Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Time)

office: Longboards USA
988 Governors Bay Dr
Redwood Shores,
CA 94065 USA

Also check out our blog with Longboard information on board maintenance, gear and other products.

For people new to longboarding, see how you can pick the right longboard for you.

See what kind of things you can do with recycled longboards skateboards on our Pinterest board, we have several other pin boards you might want to follow.

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