Skate Tools

When you have a longboard or skateboard, it is very handy to have a multi functional tool. Studies shows that having a skate tool, saves you seven tools from your toolbox. You only need one! Always take your tool with you, either in your pocket or in a bag. It is very important that your longboard or skateboard remains in a state of maintenance: trucks are adjusted well, wheels are on properly and all is constantly tight. Studies show a skateboard tool will save the average parent seven tools from their toolbox. Skate tools are just plain functional and all a skater needs to make adjustments to his or her board. One tool to rule them all! A longboard or skateboard will perform best if all is bolted down. If something comes loose while you are longboarding, you have to tool with you to tighten it. There are different tools on the market, but the most common one is the all-in-one skatetool that comes with a removable Phillips and Allen head screwdriver. You can get it either with a plastic handle in multiple colors or as Y shape in chrome.