Longboard Dancing

Longboard Dancing - Discover the Funniest Riding Style

Dancing on a board? That's exactly what Longboard Dancing is. Basically, it's when you walk on top of the deck, and with your own weight you make the board dance from one side to the other; you can also add tricks and movements that will make it even more interesting.

Among all the freestyle longboard riding styles, longboard dancing is one of the most beautiful and at first glance it looks like one of the "easiest" but needs a lot of practice. Longboard dancing is one of the best freestyle boarding experiences you can have, which is great because you can do it anywhere.

Longboard dancing is a visual, fluid, and skillful discipline that includes cross-steps and balance tricks. Longboard dancing attempts to combine slides, turns, and a series of body positions on top of the board while it is in movement. This is why a longboard dancing board has to be long, wide, and flexible.

Dancing and freestyle often go hand in hand. Freestyle includes performing side tricks, jumps, throws, spins, and dances on the board. Freestyle comes when the longboard's wheels come off the ground, often when the rider performs a flip or some kind of trick. Freestyle longboarding is the type of riding best suited for beginners who want to try out the tricks and skills of longboarding.

Longboard dancing is much more than just tricks, it combines balanced sliding, with turns of the board, but at the same time with maneuvers that are only possible because the board is long, like being able to take small steps, do small choreographies, and all while sliding.

Now, regarding the boards used for this skating style, it is generally considered a dance board if it is 45 inches or longer and can be up to 12 inches wide, and although most tricks can be performed, on smaller decks, a larger deck offers a more comfortable platform and less restrictive handling.

If you are just starting in dancing, try to begin with the basic tricks, these are done on straight tracks, so you can practice your walks and cross-steps on the board without fear of falling. Balance is fundamental, that's why the first tricks focus on board leaning, arm extension, and shoulder leaning.

Now that you know more about longboard dancing, what are you waiting for to start practicing it? You can start by choosing the ideal board for this activity. Also, you can get these boards with different styles and designs or as that you can customize and give your personal touch. If you don't want a complete longboard, you can buy just the deck and get the wheels and accessories to build it as you prefer. So it's time to get your longboard for dance style and start having fun and looking cool doing what you love!

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