Timber Boards

Timber Boards Collection

Timber Boards, based in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, has established itself as a prominent producer of high-quality dancing and freestyle longboards known for their durability and unique designs. The company emphasizes the idea of "Durability through longevity," ensuring that their boards not only last long but also support the consistent development of skateboarding skills. This dedication is reflected in their rigorous testing of materials and designs before any board is released, catering to a variety of styles including dancers, freeride, freestyle, and cruisers.

The Timber boards are crafted in their workshop, which is also open to visitors who wish to see where and how the products are made. The company takes pride in its craft, offering everything from basic to highly specialized boards, ensuring there's something for every skater's need.

In addition to their physical products, Timber Boards is active in promoting skateboarding as a sport and culture. They encourage skaters to challenge both themselves and their gear, contributing to the advancement of the sport.