Longboard and Skateboard Trucks

Longboard Skateboards Trucks

When you buy a deck you also need trucks for your longboard skateboard. The trucks help you to properly anchor your wheels to the board and allow you to turn. Choose trucks that are closest to the width of your deck. You have standard kingpin trucks and reverse kingpin trucks. The standard kingpin is mostly for skateboards and the reverse kingpin trucks are used on longboards. Don't forget your hardware to connect your trucks to the board. The selection of trucks is great and we have several bright colors too. Get your best longboard skateboard trucks now.

What are longboard skateboard trucks?

Longboard skateboard trucks are the metal T-shaped components that attach to the bottom of a longboard skateboard and hold the wheels in place. They allow the rider to turn and maneuver the board while riding.

Can I customize my longboard skateboard trucks?

Yes, there are many ways to customize your longboard skateboard trucks, including changing the bushings, replacing the baseplates, and adjusting the kingpin nut. These modifications can help improve the performance of your longboard.

What are the different types of longboard skateboard trucks?

There are two main types of longboard skateboard trucks: traditional kingpin (TKP) and reverse kingpin (RKP) trucks. TKP trucks are more commonly found on shorter skateboards, while RKP trucks are more common on longboards. Also surf skate trucks are gaining momentum.

What are the benefits of using RKP trucks on a longboard skateboard?

RKP trucks are designed to provide more stability and control, making them ideal for cruising and carving on longboards. They also allow for deeper turns and better maneuverability at higher speeds.