Retrospec has a mission and that is simple: create products that ignite that same passion for the fresh air, and encourage the lung burning, chest-pounding euphoria that can only be found outside.  They thoughtfully design and develop superior, yet affordable products like their longboards and protective gear.

At Retrospec, their ethics are rooted in the earth. Everything we create is designed and tested in beautiful California to ensure it’s ready for your next journey. Choosing the road less traveled is rarely easy, but always worth it. Check out the longboards, skateboards, and helmets from Retrospec.

Are Retrospec board beginners friendly?

Yes they are very beginner-friendly: Retrospec longboards often have wider decks and stable designs, making them suitable for beginners who are learning to balance and maneuver.

Do Retropec board last a while?

They should as they are made of durable materials: Retrospec longboards typically feature multi-ply hardwood maple or bamboo construction, ensuring durability and strength.