Rayne Longboards

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Rayne is a premium manufacturer of longboard skateboards for downhill, freeride, dancing, carving, and freestyle longboarding. At their North American factory, they use the best eco-friendly materials to build the best longboards in the world. This all puts a Rayne longboard a step above the rest.

At Rayne, they are obsessed with innovation. Their engineers, shapers, team, and artists work together to explore both the boundaries of longboard design and business improvement. They believe that their small world class company will continue to prosper if they pursue continuous improvement of their processes in manufacturing, engineering, and management.

The Rayne name was derived from two leading ideals. 

  • Reign: Control, Dominance, Pre-Eminent
  • Rain: Natural, Ecologically Friendly

Where is Rayne Longboards located?

Rayne Longboards is based in North Vancouver, Canada.

What types of longboards does Rayne Longboards offer?

Rayne Longboards offers a range of longboards, including downhill boards, freeride boards, and cruiser boards.